Local Anaesthetic (LA)

Available at the Brighton  rooms, Local Anaesthetic (LA) may be used dependent on the complexity of the procedure, patient comfort and choice.

Mr Badcock will advise you regarding your suitability for procedures under LA and seek the best option for you.

Local Anaesthetic

  • A local anaesthetic will be administered prior to your surgery.
  • The injections used are exactly the same as those used by your regular Dentist.
  • You should feel no discomfort during the operation.

Your Recovery

  • The length of your recovery and the level of discomfort you may experience will vary with the type of surgery you have and your body’s individual healing response.
  • Most people can expect to be quite tired after surgery, and to require strong pain-relief medication for 4-5 days and possibly longer.
  • Should you require a medical certificate for time off work, please telephone Mr Badcock’s rooms on (03) 9596 0299.

Sedation – Must be booked 1 day prior to surgery

Most patients do not require anything other than a local anaesthetic during surgery. However,oral sedation is available to reduce anxiety should i tbe required. Sedation is administered in addition to the local anaesthetic.

Oral Sedation – Patient is required to attend 1hr prior to surgery

Oral valium (tablet or Liquid) can be administered on request. It takes a Little time to work, so it will require you to attend an hour prior to your surgery time. Valium will result in you feeling less anxious, and a little sleepy. The effects will last for up to 12 hours. When taking oral valium, it is necessary for you to be accompanied by a responsible adult, both before and after surgery.

You should not:

  • drive a car,
  • operate machinery, or
  • sign any important documents

for 24 hours.

Fees for Oral Sedation

An additional fee of $45 is charged for Oral sedation.


Chlorhexidine mouthwash if required will be given to you immediately prior to surgery and should be used 3-4 times per day, for a week or so after surgery. It will help to reduce the risk of infection and dry socket.

Your Usual Medications

Please continue to take all of your current medications as usual.
Diabetic patients will receive specific instructions from Mr Badcock. If you have any questions, please telephone Mr Badcock’s rooms on (03) 9596 0299.


Mr Badcock’s fees need to be paid on the day of surgery. Cash, Credit Card and Eftpos are all accepted, however we do not accept American Express.

An itemized receipt will be issued on the day of surgery, which will allow you to claim a rebate from your Health Fund.