Comments and Feedback

A patient’s evaluation of the care received at our practice is an extremely important form of feedback that provides valuable information about the services we provide. We encourage patients to provide both positive and negative feedback.

All staff will be provided with training and support that will assist them to identify, report and appropriately respond to complaints and other negative feedback.

In the event of a patient complaint, all staff at Bayside Oral Surgery should use the following complaint handling policy:

  • Provide an open environment for a patient to share their dissatisfaction with us directly, whilst respecting the patient’s right to have a concern heard by an independent third party such as the Dental Board of Australia
  • Resolve the complaint at the lowest level possible
  • A patient will be required to place serious complaints or requests for refunds in writing

Bayside Oral Surgery’s Complaint Handling Process

Bayside Oral Surgery will acknowledge and respond in a timely manner, either verbally or in writing, in respect to the seriousness of the complaint. We aim to respond to all complaints within 28 days.

All complaints will be reported and reviewed by the owner of the practice.

Complaints Review Process

Bayside Oral Surgery is committed to continuous improvement in safety and quality. Theowner will analyse data/feedback and take action where required. Any review actions/outcomes will be communicated to staff. In addition, incidents and analysis of incidents are reviewed by the owner and staff, regularly at staff meetings.