New Patient Consultation

The process starts with an initial consultation with your Surgeon – this first consultation is anticipated to be roughly 15 minutes in duration. This gives time to get to know each other, assess your specific needs and to jointly create a plan of your care.

Before surgery your Surgeon will examine your mouth and discuss the findings and the referral from your dentist, family doctor or other specialist doctor.  This examination will include consideration of x-rays and a complete medical history.

Prior to arrival

Your referring dentist, doctor or specialist may have requested x-rays or pathology and it is important that these are performed in advance of your arrival for your consultation allowing the results to be available for discussion and to inform your plan of care.

On arrival

We suggest that you arrive ten minutes in advance of your initial consultation as you will be asked to complete a full medical history. It is recommended that you bring details of  current medication as well as any previous history that may be of relevance.