When do reviews occur?

Following your procedure you may be required to come in for a review appointment, this is generally booked for two weeks post procedure.  This is so that your surgeon can ensure that the healing process has taken place and to confirm that you are sufficiently recovered from your procedure to be handed back to your dentist for your on-going dental care.

Do all procedures require a review?

Not all procedures will require a review appointment, if you have any doubt about whether you should or should not have a review appointment please contact our office.

What if I am concerned about my recovery from the procedure?

Should you have any concerns following your procedure, regardless of if a review appointment has or has not been booked for you, our nurse is available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday to speak to you on the telephone and to arrange a review appointment with Mark Badcock at our Brighton rooms.

And if I feel that things are going really well?

If you feel that you have recovered well and do not require a review then please contact our rooms to cancel the booked review appointment.